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With a robust toolkit, Crandall's Corner develops strategy for your marketing initiatives and executes on tactics for success. Services include:

  • Lead generation – bring new prospects into the fold with a variety of means including webinars, content, guest blogging, and digital marketing.
  • Lead nurturing – now that you have leads, set up a variety of means to engage customers including some of the lead generation activities above, marketing automation and targeted newsletters.
  • Marketing automation strategy and configuration (esp. Marketo and Hubspot) – helping you decide if you need marketing automation in the first place, finding the best tool, and executing on your strategy.
  • Content development including eBooks and blog posts – from concept to creation to promotion.
  • Intimate educational sales events – gathering your prospects at a venue for educational, sales-lite events.
  • Website management – coordinate the development of your website and create content. And manage your website.

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Communications is not just about getting the message out, it's about a conversation between your customers, employees and stakeholders. Services include:

  • Internal and external communications – develop a strategy and build products that may include newsletters, social media, blogs and intranets.
  • Public relations light (no heavy pitching) – press releases, local news coverage and media coordination.
  • Writing and editing – if it has words I can execute.
  • Social media – engage, monitor and grow your audience on the appropriate medium.

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While not a designer by trade I come from a family of artists, and throughout my career I have developed and designed marketing materials for many organizations. Typically if branding is not already in place or needs an update I work with a professional designer to create the foundation. Then I build upon that in future materials. I know good design and my skills can turn around products in record time. Services include:

  • Brochure and other printed material development
  • Newsletter creation
  • Most marketing materials - to help with website conversions like eBooks and white papers